John Tew not only makes you look beautiful, he makes you feel beautiful.

Sarah DeAnna

Model & Hay House Author of Supermodel You

I declare John Tew the Champion of the world for his excellence in beauty.

Jose Sulaiman

President of World Boxing Council

I am so impressed with John’s extensive knowledge about skin care and beauty products! He always has great suggestions about how I can keep my skin looking young and fresh. John gives the best beauty tips and advice! He is Amazing ♡


Duchess of Schoeneberg

Thanks so much for always keeping me looking beautiful and young, inside and out! I Love You!

Patricia de León


Follow John Tew for beauty advice! He covers it from the inside and out. Go John! Xo

Marcia Cross


John is to skin what air is to breath… essential! With his application of ancient

esoteric and clinical knowledge he holds dominion in skin perfection.

Raphi Kammer


I have worked with many make-up artists, beauty advisors and estheticians over the years, John Tew is one of the best and a rare gem. His knowledge of skin care and his artistry is a gift.

Trisha Lum

Executive VP of International Affairs at Gridlock Group

Creative Director at Onno Fashion


I LOVE John! He’s made my skin look amazing! I won’t buy or do anything until I speak with my skin guru!!

Robin Fujimoto

Third Avenue Management


John is a very special person who deeply cares for each one of his clients. His approach is unique and unlike any other. His belief begins with nurturing a healthy self, for that is ultimately the true image of beauty. He is without a doubt, the most knowledgeable and experienced in the beauty industry. Endless Thanks, John Tew.

Anna Volkoff



You are the most awesome Beauty Guru in the Western Hemisphere! You know skin—and I look 26 now thanks to you!! Much Love!

Michael O. Gallant



John Tew is truly a beauty guru who knows how to make someone beautiful using a combination of science, herbal remedies, and just general know-how that comes from his years of experience working with a variety of skin care lines and products. Hands down- John Tew is talented at what he does… And passionate about it too!

Nickie Shapira

CEO Akonic


John Tew is amazing and talented! He is one of the best in the business and easy to work with. Not only does he make you look beautiful but always has something inspiring to say. He’s a gem!

Crissy Henderson

Playboy Playmate Cover Model


John encompasses all things beauty and he is an integral part of my daily beauty routine. If you know beauty, then you must know John.

Sonia Roldan

Fashion Designer


I usually don’t get a lot of facials but when John Tew had my face under his microscope for one hour, my face was ten years younger. I am doing my facial each month with John and I would never try anyone else. He is the best!! Thank you John!

Charly Shahin



Thank you again for the great make up class!!! I am now one of your fans. I don’t recognize myself when I look in the mirror – wow you are great!!

Yvonne Karn

American Society of Appraisers