Soak Your Nuts and Seeds

Mar 6, 2013 by


Why should you soak your nuts and seeds? There are many benefits to soaking nuts from digestion to enhanced taste. When nuts are soaked, they become softer and much more easier to chew. Moist nuts will increase enzyme production making them easier to digest. Also, soaking will allow the tannins to release giving the nuts a smoother, more buttery taste.

Soaking seeds are very important, because enzyme inhibitors are present in the shell. By soaking seeds, they will begin to sprout causing the release of enzyme inhibitors(natural bug repellant) and also creating more bio-available nutrients. The sprouted seeds are easier to digest and more nutrients are absorbed by the body. Sprouting definitely adds more energy to the seeds.

Nuts and seeds can be soaked for 20-30 minutes with a squeeze of lemon juice(neutralizes enzymes). To really add moisture and to guarantee they sprout, it’s best to do overnight in the refrigerator. Remember, consuming dry nuts will rob moisture from the body and potentially lead to constipation. Always soak before you eat. Good luck!


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