Bye Bye Nars Limited Edition Andy Warhol Collection

Feb 4, 2013 by





IMG_20121116_181220Bye bye Andy Warhol Collection by Nars Cosmetics. Though it was a beautiful collection… from what I heard it didn’t do so well. I was hoping for a Andy Warhol ‘Marilyn Monroe’ eye shadow trio like the ones above. A 29 piece collection set that was simple, yet bold.

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Cle De Peau Beaute Spring Collection New

Feb 3, 2013 by




Clé De Peau Beauté 2013 Spring Collection is launching soon and let me tell you… the colors are absolutely gorgeous! When I saw the marketing image of Amanda Seyfried, I was in love! Lucia Pieroni did such an amazing job on her makeup. Amanda looks like a supermodel about to walk the runway.

Lucky me, I get to try the whole collection before it launches :)

Clé De Peau Beauté 2013 Spring Collection:

  • Luminizing Face Enhancer 13 Sand Beige ($95)
  • Refining Fluid Foundation SPF 24 ($120): O40, 050, and 060
  • Eye Color Quad 209 Sapphire ($80)
  • Eye Color Quad 210 Aquamarine ($80)
  • Enriched Lip Luminizer: 221 Sweet Nougat, 222 Sugar Candy, and 223 Raspberry Ripple ($60)
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Tom Ford Makeup Brushes Review

Feb 2, 2013 by


I’m not gonna to lie… Tom Ford Brushes are absolutely amazing! Whoever worked with Tom to help him design these brushes did a phenomenal job. I did a few makeovers with almost all the brushes and frankly, they’re all pretty easy to use. Blending was quite effortless, and the handles are a perfect size – not too long and not too bulky. Tom Ford Beauty Bronzer Brush is my favorite out of the collection. Blending was seamless, and it didn’t create that streaking effect like some brushes do. So overall, this brush set gets a thumbs up!

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Dior’s Limited Edition Cherie Bow Palette

Feb 1, 2013 by





I am loving the new limited edition Dior ‘Cherie Bow’ Palette. The compact design was inspired by The House of Dior’s iconic symbol, the bow. The beautiful pink bow enamel compact contains a creamy black eyeliner, a soft shimmery pale pink gloss, a trio of shadows: pink, grey, and charcoal, and applicators. On model Kourtney Reppert, she is wearing the entire pallet. Hope you like <3

Retail Price: $80

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Skin Tip: Leftover Coffee Grounds

Jan 25, 2013 by

Do you have leftover Coffee Grounds? People usually throw their grounds away after a brew, but there are so many uses for them. One of my favorite uses is to exfoliate and smooth out cellulite.

Moisten skin in shower and massage 1 cup of coffee grounds into areas affected by cellulite. The caffeine found in coffee will not only increase circulation, but will also help release excess fluid and toxins from cells; creating firmer skin.

Another use is to add it to your soil to make it more rich with nitrogen and trace minerals. This will create a healthier environment for your plants versus conventional fertilizer.

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10 Tips for Makeup Organization

Jan 2, 2013 by


Now that it’s a new year, it’s time to throw out the old and make way for the new. Gather up all your makeup products, because it’s time to organize!

  1. Check Expiration dates on packaging. Most products will have a tiny opened canister icon on the back that shows a number followed by “M.” The number indicates how many months. M indicates month. So if a product read 6M, that indicates the shelf life of the product will be 6 months when opened.
  2. Toss out mascaras that show any sign of dryness, which can mean it’s either expired or the product has completely oxidized.
  3. Lipsticks that have a funny smell could mean the product is rancid due to bacteria. Continued use of old lipsticks can potentially be harmful when ingested and also damaging to the delicate lip tissue.
  4. Separate eye shadow colors – Pastel tones work best with Spring. Bronze and more natural shades are perfect for Summer. Earthy tones are good for Fall or everyday. Gold, cool and frosty tones are great for Winter. Wardrobing your colors will allow you to mix and match the right shades according  to seasonal changes… or when you need to compliment your outfit.
  5. Check liquid-based products for any separation of formula. If so, maybe it’s time to toss them out!
  6. Any broken eyelash curler bands should be replaced immediately.
  7. Does your foundation still match your skin? As the seasons change, so does our skin tone. So if your skin has gotten lighter or darker; purchase a new foundation color that matches.
  8.  Makeup brushes that shed should be replaced. Quality brushes are very important, because they allow for better performance and easier applications.
  9. Anything that has been used for more than 2 years should  be thrown out. Unlike wine, makeup does not get better with age.
  10. Replace old or dull pencil sharpeners.

 Photo: Idhren

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